* 3 months bank statements with minimum of $5,000 gross.  If you have more in monthly gross sales, you can get more money.  Once your 3 bank statements are reviewed we can let you know how much  we can get for you!

*If you have 3 merchant processing statements we can get much more

* NO FICO needed

*No income verification

*One simple app (EIN number needed)

*Only 10% success fees

*Funding in as little as 2 days

We are as excited as you are for this new pilot funding program which requires no fico score.  This can be a lifestyle liberator for you and your loved ones!

Use it to buy primary tradelines to fast forward your personal credit files,  buy an aged corp with hundreds of thousands in funding,  get a CPN with up to $150,00 in funding, or use as down payment (an origination fee of 3.5% is due-this means that you can acquire $500,000 businesses for about 18k with incomes over 350k on average) on a $500,000 business which can net 250k a year in income for you with our 100% investor financing bank!

1. Please contact for the application to fill out so we can verify the authenticity of your business before sending you the terms (please be sure to sign the application with a pen, no electronic signatures allowed). Merchant information requested is necessary for verification purposes.

a) Do not worry about personal credit, you will not be turned down because of personal credit, even open personal and business bankruptcies, open unpaid tax liens, foreclosures, judgments etc. are allowed. One existing cash advance is allowed without being paid off and in many cases, multiple open business cash advances may be allowed with us paying off all or some of your existing advances.

2. Submit the last 3 current months of your complete bank account statements (ALL PAGES,INCLUDING BLANK NUMBERED PAGES). You may black out your account number except for the last 4 digits, if it makes you more comfortable. (Qualifying statements are: a minimum of 4 deposits per month totaling $5,000.00 a month for 3 consecutive months.)

NOTE: you should have handy if needed,  a government picture ID, and cancelled check with your company name on it.  If you wish to save a step include them.  Once in awhile they require these.

a.) Please submit all pages of your last 3 merchant statements (only required if you process credit card, and the lender will call you with a quote if approved.  The 3 bank statements must be over $5,000 minimum,  not $4,900!

NOTE: Attach all docs SEPARATE and all in ONE EMAIL!  We do not want multiple emails or documents all combined in one attachment please pay attention to this to avoid delays!

Generate Millions in Assets with Aged Corp Funding (March 4, 2017)

*If you have 620+ FICO scores with NO Derogatories in the last 6 months, we have an amazing “Quick Start” personal funding program up to $200,000 in 7 days!_ Click Here!

*If you need credit repair first because you are below 620 FICO or have recent negatives on your report,  Click Here to see our solutions on fixing your credit!

Below is our simple yet effective, “Funding Funnel” Process to Get UNLIMITED Credit and Funding! -  This is for those with already strong 700+ FICO scores. To get UNLIMITED funding you will need to acquire funding through businesses.  This can be done very easily with minimum time, effort, and expense!

Before we begin, it’s important to understand what Millionaire Mentor University really is able to do for you.  We are not direct lenders and only direct lenders can guarantee funding...  Many of our strategic partners are not either.  They are processors, brokers, insiders, former financial and banking experts, and well educated people in the world of finance.

We are not financial advisors or your money managers!  We build strategic partnerships and have developed a proprietary very successful formula to maximize the amount of funding our clients can obtain.  With our funding programs we include over $100,000 in FREE financial educational courses, Mentoring, Coaching, Private Webinars on new money methods, and great investments or wealth creation strategies, as well as researching successful products that are making other ordinary people rich.

If you are a negative, pessimistic person, who complains, whines, has no patience to go through this process, is arrogant who thinks you don’t need further education from mentors, who is afraid of risk or going into debt to create a new life, oe are using your next month's rent money, or think you want to get rich quick without any effort or continuing financial education we don’t care to have you in our client base.

The backend success fees on all the funding programs are usually 20% unless noted.  This is because these are larger amounts of funding with higher risks to lenders and processors, everyone makes money on their expertise and much time is required from experts, in addition to the many benefits we include.  In addition we can usually obtain 20 Times more funding than anyone else can. There are Bigger, better, and more opportunities the more access to capital you have! You can acquire opportunities that the “Average Joe” cannot.  In addition to the benefits we mentioned above, YOU must know the difference between good debt and bad debt to make the most of the money that passes through your hands.

The referral program alone could make you all the money you want.  For every referral client you send us, you receive an average of 4% of the funding.  If we get someone $1,000,000 your commission is $40,000!   This is the easiest money method on the planet.  Help others become financially free while making huge commissions as a “Financial Mentor”. The best product on the planet is a Financial Product that helps someone break free from financial slavery AND helps do the same for everyone around them.  The best product is M-O-N-E-Y. 


Here are our current funding options. NO one else in the country has access to many of these:

There Is No Startup costs To Go Through This Funding Program

  (Only backend success fees of 20%)

 Here is a brief synopsis of our ‘FUNDING FUNNEL”.

 Depending on your priorities and goals there may be different avenues to travel to get to your credit and funding goals.

 The first step is to get your BUSINESS CREDIT if you have 700+ FICO scores!   Even if you don’t have a company set up yet, we can get up to $75,000 with a ONE DAY old company! We will help you set one up in 30 minutes.  If you already have a company then you can get up to $150,000! –We use a personal score so the business file doesn’t matter! -NO one else can do this but our strategic processors.

 Then you can proceed to our aged corporations with or without a CFO Guarantor!  A CFO guarantor is someone you can hire with a high FICO score already!  They get the funding for you with the help of a seasoned corporation!  Up to $250,000 and you can go for TWO rounds of funding! 

Upfront costs range from $6,000 without a CFO and $15,000 to hire a CFO.  This is a life changing program, and the usual cost to hire a CFO can be as high as $40,000!  Our program is only $15,000.

 What this means also, is that if you don’t have a 700+ FICO score you can hire someone with good credit and use THEIR FICO Scores to get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!  This program can be repeated with other seasoned corporations and CFO’s! In other words –UNLIMITED FUNDING!

If you have a FICO score under 700+ then you will have to go through Credit Repair or Go through our Personal Funding programs to start.  We can obtain up to $200,000 in personal funding with a 620+ FICO score and minimum requirements!  NO one else can get this kind of money with scores this low!

 If you do have a 620 FICO score or better and qualify, once you get your personal funding you can then accomplish everything you want to...

 1.    Get your credit enhanced, adding trade lines and removing inquiries to get to 800+ FICO scores!

 2.   Acquire aged corporations with a CFO and get to the $250,000+ Funding!  It’s always better to operate under a “corporate umbrella”.

 3.   Next on the “Funding Funnel” is our UP to 100 MILLION financing program.  This is an amazing program and we want to only offer this program to clients who are savvy enough to know what to do with this kind of money.  We have a bank that will invest up to 100 Million for your Investment!

4.   Once you obtain the larger funding amounts you can participate in our “Pay it Forward” Funding program.  Simply help other credit challenged people obtain their CFO aged corp funding by helping them with their $15,000 upfront.  They will return $20,000 upon their first round of funding.  This is a profit of $5,000 in just a few weeks, and it can be done 10x a month for up to $50,000 a month without lifting a finger.   We know there is no shortage of credit challenged people!

 5.   We also have a 4% “Financial Mentor” referral program.  For every single person you help obtain financial independence you receive four percent of their funding amount!  One Million in funding means you earn $40,000 just for helping them understand how to break free from the Rat Race!  Most people can make more with one single client then they can working 40 hours a week for an entire year!  10 clients a month can mean $400,000 a month income.  We can show you the exact ads we use to generate 10 clients a month-minimum!

6.   When you’re ready to buy a business, franchise, real estate development, or launch a new product, or simply invest in other opportunities we have someone who can help you get up to 100% FINANCING on your acquisitions!  This alone can save you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in expenses!  Save your funding money for other things!  The more access you have to CASHFLOW the bigger and better the opportunities that the “average joe” could never access! 

 7.   During this funding process we help you with mentoring along the way and give you access to our $55,000 Millionaire Mentor Crash Video/Audio Courses from the most successful mentors on the planet in their respective fields.  We have partners who research, scan, study, monitor, and test, evaluate, and investigate THOUSANDS OF MONEY METHODS that other ordinary people are using to make all their Millions.  We give this to our clients!

 Now for the details…We need the following documents.  When you are dealing with people who loan money they want to know they’re going to be paid back.  These are important financial and legal documents and you need to actually READ all the information below so you get us the proper documents to expedite this program.  You are only a few simple steps from Financial Independence and it starts with only about 30 minutes of documents to fill out and include to get you started!

 The funding process is not "magic". 

People online, talking about they can obtain large amounts of money w/o proper documentation

Are lying.  We are able to obtain 10x more funding because we have a very proprietary system and some very creative strategies and strategic connections, with many different funding options that nobody else even comes close to using.

 Additionally, as a client you need to be fast and efficient. We have to submit document requests WHEN they are requested (which means we need to have them prior to funding).

 In addition, we need to have clients contact the lenders before the lenders contact them. Lastly, clients have to be available and accessible to us and the lenders. If security questions come up, or if the bank needs a document that we have not requested, the client has to be able to get it to us within a few hours MAX.

I. For all clients:

 Step 1:  Our processor will set up an email, very similar to their current email, so that we can quickly send and receive correspondence from each lender. Clients will be asked to send us a Gmail or Yahoo security code to verify their email address. The security code will be sent to the client once we set up the email address.  Once we are finished, clients will be given the email address/password so they can have the mail forwarded to their current email address and change the password. 

For any clients that may want future funding, they should keep this email address open so we can use the same one.

 II: For clients wanting to join Navy Federal Credit Union funding program…

 Step 1: Email set up described above

 Step 2:  MMU client agreement and consultation document signed.

 Step 3: Clients will need to submit the following to us: 

Completed "Funding Information Sheet", 

1 paystub, 

1 utility bill (water, power, garbage/recycling are the only things acceptable), 

License/ID card/passport,

$25.00Debit/gift card number with the security code, expiration date, zip code, and address.  Credit check total login:  User/Pass/Last 4 of SSN!

$25.00Debit/gift card number with the security code, expiration date, zip code, and address.  Credit check total login:  User/Pass/Last 4 of SSN!

These items we send to Navy Federal to establish membership. Membership takes 3-10 days. The client debit/gift card will be charged $24.87 by Navy Federal to establish eligibility. If membership isn't established within 6 days, clients will be asked to contact Navy via phone to ask for an update. Typically, clients that call Navy for membership updates are accepted sooner. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. 

 Step 4: WE start immediately with other lenders while waiting on navy funding. Navy is one of those lenders, but the client has the final decision. Of the over 100 lenders we have, Navy is TOP 5 when it comes to lending amounts.  YOU cannot apply for other funding while in this program.  The inquiries made by lenders will KILL all you’re funding from all the lenders once they see this! NO new inquiries and you must keep your monitoring service ACTIVE!

 Step 4: While waiting on the Navy membership, clients need to move quickly and get the other documents together. Lenders WILL ask for some combination of the documents listed on the "Funding Information Sheet". 

 Note: For clients that are already members of NFCU and would like us to get them MORE money at larger amounts, they need to supply the completed "Funding Information Sheet", their access number and password. We "may" need the client to be available to answer security questions about their account usage/background that we wouldn't know. 

 III: For clients not wanting or not eligible for Navy Federal Credit Union:

 Step 1: Email set up as described above.

Step 2: Clients need to return the completed "Funding Information Sheet", along with the most recent 2 paystubs, most recent W2, color ID, utility bill (can't be past due), and most recent bank statement SHOWING the most recent 2 paystubs being direct deposited into the account. Every lender will ask for some combination of these docs, so we need them all to start. 

Step 3: The information is looked over by us. Any questions we have, we get the answers to. If the "Funding Information Sheet" is not legible, we send it back to the client. We prefer client’s type on it, save, and send back.

Step 4: The application process begins. Typically, we use no more than 3-4 inquiries MAX. One inquiry per bureau, sometimes 2 if the file is very strong. Clients may be asked to assist in the process depending on their location and which lenders we select. Most credit unions will require clients to join or acquire membership before the loan is funded or applied for. Most banks/online lenders will require documents immediately. In the case that we use a credit union local to the client, or a lender local to the client, we recommend that the client visit the lender to sign documents, acquire membership, and/or pick up the loan/credit card.

Step 5: Using the email address and calls to the lenders, the loans fund. Clients are given payment instructions by broker or funder. Once everyone is paid for their service, clients are given the email address used to correspond with the bank and their funding information sheet is destroyed.


Q. How long does funding take?    A. 1-14 days. 

Q. How much can I get?    A. Depends on income and the strength of the credit report. 

Q. How many inquiries will I use during this entire process?    A. 3-5 max. I don't need to litter a file with inquiries to get great money. 

Q. That's a lot of documents! Why so many?    A. The banks/lenders ask for them. No one is going to give you cash w/o verifying your address and income.

Q. What happens if I don't supply all the documents?    A. You limit the amount of funding you can receive and you limit the number of places I can apply. 

Q. Do you do loans or credit cards?    A. All of the above, but loans and lines of credit are the priority. The credit cards that are applied for are the cards that are never in danger of being "closed" or "shut off", and have either a cash advance feature, checks that can be ordered, or cards that we know won't be shut down with a large purchase.

Q. Can I get funded the same day?    A. From some places, but you must be willing to GO to that place and show your documents when you arrive. Sometimes, when you go in person, the lenders don't even ask for documents. Think of it like a car online car purchase requires more documents than if you were to visit a car lot. When you visit, they only ask for license and a paystub or two. When you buy a car online, they ask for triple the docs AND there is a phone interview. 

Q. I don't have some docs! Can you help me?    A. I can refer you to some really great and creative people.

Q. What constitutes a "strong file" for maximum funding? - A great file is a file with more than 4 open lines, with one line being a mortgage that has more than one year of on-time payments, a car that is paid in full or with more than 1 year of payments, 2 or more other open lines with no lates, and income over $70K. 

Q. Can you fund a file with only AUs?    A. Yes. Need at least 4-5. CAN do 3, but will not get a lot if anything at all. The AUs need to be older than 3 years. 

Q. Can I do this myself?     A. Yep! You sure can. Good luck managing your $10K when "we" could have gotten 50 times that or more.


Imagine if this email was addressed to YOU!